a fun weekend of everything that flies

That's me at the 17th Hot Air Balloon Fest

Attending the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival was extremely fun and made me so giddy like a child, it's one of those events that made you just want to relax and savor the moment. It was year 2011 that made me decide that I should go to this festival upon seeing it featured at one of the morning shows, and this year I fulfilled that promise. My boyfriend and I took the 4:15 SCTEX bus going to Clark, had breakfast at Dau, then headed to Clark Main Gate. We have met someone who was selling tickets at same rate at Clark gate, so we took advantage of that opportunity to buy there so we don't have to fall in line since the lines can be extremely long as per the bloggers who wrote about the previous events. So there we were on the public transport to the event area at Air Force City, seems just like near but we were stuck there for thirty minutes because of the traffic. Everyone is heading to the area, and we were already very near the area when the we saw the hot air balloons being inflated so I wanted to jump out of the public transport and sadly when we arrived all of the balloons were airborne already, but we decided to take a picture from afar before actually going inside cause I'm afraid I might miss taking pictures of the balloon. So after that, we went inside, thought it was easy breezy thing cause we have the tickets, but then again we have to fall in line again to have our bags inspected and for the security to tear up the tickets.

The moment we stepped in at the event area, my boyfriend and I acted up like kids who wants to take picture of everything around us, we saw this coolest inflated humongous inflated canon camera, and yes of course we have to take pictures of us standing next to it.

Inside we have several stops, but being in the area where a the shows are is most amazing, especially when you see the hot air balloons, being all colorful in that, near the fence, people we're sitted picnic style, I think some have been there so early and will be watching the shows for the entire day. We also took the time to have our pictures taken with military personnel, who were all game to have their picture taken with guest, there was also display of military cars and air force planes.

I felt like being a child again after seeing this pin wheels in one area at the balloon fest, several people were also flying kites which is so great as this is not mostly done nowadays, but seeing colorful kites being flown by children with their families makes me just want to stay there and watch it, it's amazing!

There were also a lot of food array at the area, but I'm glad we ate before going to the event as we have the energy to checked everything out. We recap the day by having our picture taken at one of the photo booths station just so we can get a remembrance from the event and to get a decent picture of us, downside of travelling in two's with no tripod for the camera.

It was a well spent day at Clark, such a short time but we have fun, a kind of day worth repeating again and again. As for our souvenir we decide to buy mini hot air balloons which is really cute at the cost of 100 pesos.  The rest of our day was spent visiting Marquee Mall at Angeles, which was nice and not all crowded, kinda like taking a glimpse to the soon be rising Harbor Point Mall in Subic. This was a first but will never be the last time that I'll be visiting the hot air balloon fest, on our way home I was telling my boyfriend that maybe next year we should try to catch the night glow which will be in the evening, just so go get the feel late in the afternoon.We will do that and hopefully one day we can also ride the balloon. Hopefully!

Till then...balloons...more fun in the philippines...

the book that started my love for reading...

My friends know that I love reading. But it wasn't like I was born loving reading. I wasn't into thick novels when I was young, I just find it so boring to be reading such a thick book with no pictures at all, so i was like any other kid then, no one in the family would I see carrying a book or would I have known who loves reading. I would see my brother reading school books but not novels. I wasn't influenced by anyone, it's not an excuse I know, we don't have enough money to buy books when I was younger, well that wasn't an excuse either. I remember reading only goosebumps and sweet valley books borrowed thru classmates, but that was it. So there I was, until i was in 3rd year college when I read a book that totally changed the way I see books. 

I still remember clearly, it was the summer before my 4th year in college, I was killing time as I was waiting for the start of my OJT program in Manila. I was in the house of one of my closest friend Deo, I think we were just hanging out and cooking some food when I happen to see his Harry Potter book, since it is the hard bound copy, i remember telling him why he's reading such a big and thick book. Well he loves book and he's also the one who has a Goosebumps collection. he told me that it is a good read and I will not be bored. I shrug and told him how the hell I'm going to read such a thick book. Well I think during that time Harry Potter has slowly becoming a fad and movie was already out. So out of boredom and thinking it was fad, I borrowed it thinking I'm not doing anything just yet so might as well see what's inside the book. i can just return it in case I would not really liked it. So that's the start of my utmost love for reading novels. I read the entire book and loved it. I know at first because of the cover it might come off as a book for kids, but upon reading even an adult can totally loved everything about it. It is also good way to harness your vocabulary because of the words that Rowling used to describe the turn of events.

I put my hands off to Rowling for the characters that made up the book The characters, though fictional has been grown to love by many including me. I have finished all seven books by just borrowing it to my friend, and each book never failed to entertained me, each book gave me the chance to enter the world of Harry Potter. So it was also by the time that I was reading it that the movie adaptations went out. I think the first two movies I only had the chance to watch through dvd and the following movies up until the last I was able to watch at the cinema. My friend and I would rave about when's the next showing and got us really excited. We would watched at the first day of showing, falling in line just so we can be the first ones to watch among our friends. Most of the time my friend doesn't like the movie adaptations, he would whisper to me while watching why some scenes in the book we're never included in the movie, or how some scenes in the book were changed after it's movie adaptation. Why some scenes were never included, why they added something? It was the usual stuff that we would talked about.  Well for me, as much as I would like all the action-packed and amazing scenes in the book to be included in the film, that's not for me to decide really?! and that's why a book writer is different from a screen writer, because not all scenes in the book can be made it into the film, and not all scenes can make it to the final cut. So there, hands off to the great directors of all seven films, thank you for bringing Harry Potter to life, it is not an easy task as it came with a lot of expectations from Harry Potter fans like me. But you all did a great job.

In all seven films there were good and bad adaptations, but none of this would take from me the inspiration that I got from reading Harry Potter Series, not only for it's good story but most of all because this is the book that opened my mind and my heart to the joys of reading, and for that this books will always have a sweet spot in my life. And when the times comes when I have my own children, I will also share to them how this book changed my life.

I will not missed the characters at all because I can always go back to reading all seven books, as much as I like, and I know...it will always bring me joy.

eating fruits before meals is even better

I received an email way back in 2010 how we can better take advantage of the fruits that we eat. And in big bold letters it says that eating fruits before a meal is even better rather than taking it after. Well, we usually take it after right? sort of a desert. But here's the explanation according to the article.

Let's say you eat 2 slices of toast and then some fruit. The fruit is ready to go into the intestine but the toast in the stomach is preventing it. In the meantime, the toast is getting digested using acids and the fruit comes into contact with this acidic mass and begins to spoil. If it had been eaten first, as fruits digests faster, it would've gone into the intestines without it getting spoiled with the rest of the food. This creates gas and a tendency to burp. As a result, the stomach bloats and causes a sensation of heaviness. You may have heard people complain that they want to burp after eating watermelon or that banana makes them want to empty their bladder often. This is all a result of eating fruit after a meal.

The Right Way to eat Fruit

Fruit is a great detoxifying food as well as good supply of natural sugars. Eaten the right way, fruit is extremely beneficial to the human body. A 3-day fruit fast can do a world of good by cleansing the body of toxins and helping the digestive system to slow down. Here are some tips on how to eat fruit the right way and get the most benefit out it.
  • Eat fruit on an empty stomach. It can be at any time of day as long as you eat it on an empty stomach.
  • After eating fruit, leave a time gap of 30 minutes before you eat any other food.
  • If you've already eaten a meal, then wait for about 3 hours before you eat fruit, so as to ensure that all of the previous meal is digested before the fruit goes in.
  • Try to eat fruit mostly before noon. This helps to raise blood sugar in a slow and unhurried manner. Since the digestive system has been at rest through the night, eating fruit is a gentle way of restarting it in the morning.
  • Never eat fruit with other foods, only on its own.
  • Do no eat fruit as dessert after a meal. Always eat it before for best nutritional results.
  • Bananas and avocados are heavy fruit and you may want to avoid them first thing in the morning. Try eating these as afternoon or a midday meal as the digestive system will be more prepared for them.
  • Try your best to eat only organic fruit whenever possible. It is a healthier option.
  • Avoid canned, frozen and processed fruit. It contains large amounts of sugar, preservatives and other undesirable chemical additives.
This article which I read back in 2009 truly enlightened me in the proper way to eat fruits. And I'm proud to say it did worked for me. A few days back I was delighted to finally be eating avocado again after quite some time now. Well the fruit is in season and wouldn't miss it. I remember my mom would always make mashed avocado with sugar and milk and she'll put it in a freezer and it will hardened like that of an ice cream. It's the most wonderful taste and I would jump for joy  with just the sight of it. It's just heavenly. Not a kid anymore but the memories as a child which I so remember clearly gave me joy. And as I ate my yummy avocado that night, I am relishing the moment, I let the avocado slide into my mouth and taste every bit of it. I'm happy while eating it and I felt wonderful. Simple joys of eating avocado. I think if everyone would have the same enthusiasm towards food, eating healthy wouldn't be so hard. Foods are there for us to enjoy, that's why eating in a hurry is really bad for us. While writing this I just finished my apple and a yakult. Lovely! Till next time!

why I love a rainy day?!

As far as I can remember this is not the first time that I have blogged about rainy days, but I just can't help it, I just need to write why I Iove rainy days and contrary to some people who associate sadness with the pouring of the rain, i get a little bit emotional sometimes especially if there are things to be emotional about, but in general I love a rainy day because it gives me a chance to do things that is more enjoyable on a rainy day. So here are my list.

1. I can eat a bowl of sopas or an arrozcaldo without getting all sweaty plus the warmness of the dish is perfect to  soothe our cooling bodies on a rainy day. More perfect if you're sharing it with someone.
2. Always, always the best time to read a good book. You cannot be distracted by anything, since most people stay in because of the weather which makes it tiresome to go out and do other stuff. I suggest you take this time to read some few good chapters or even read a whole book if you can.
3. Do a DVD marathon of you're favorite series or movies. I like TV series a lot and I have DVD copies of it but just can't find the time to watch them. Even if I'm on a day-off and I have the time seems like chit-chatting with my cousins appeals to me better. This is perfect with my first reason why I love rainy days...eating! yum!
4. I can wear my knee high socks, which I love by the way. I also take this time to moisturize my feet especially my heel which I cannot do when its really hot and humid as I cannot stand wearing a socks.
5. Lastly I guess but everyone would agree that SLEEPING is the number on everyone lists why they love a rainy day. No explanations needed!

that one person.....

"I use to worry a lot who would I be when I grew up. How much money I would make or someday I would become some big deal. Sometimes the thing you most want doesn't happen Sometimes the thing you never expect often does. You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. Then you meet one person and your life is changed forever."

I'd like to start this post with that beautiful line from the movie "Love and other Drugs" which I watched last week. Well I'd been off to blogging again after sometime of hiatus. So many things had happenned and so many changes had occured in my life. I had been trying to write this blog since last week but I don't know how to start. Then finally I had watched that movie and search thru the internet the lines from the movie and voila! I have the perfect introduction to this blog and by chance that line somewhat summarizes my feelings and emotions this past few months. So here we go.....

I have always believe in love.....yes I do! I am a very optimistic person despite of the many ups and downs experiences about love. I always believe that somehow..someday.....you will meet the love of your life and you can be really happy with that person, BUT! as I believe in the former I also believe that having someone to love and be loved in return is not for everyone. Not all people is cut out for marriage, some people may be destined to be single but fab and happy! and I'm perfectly ok with that. But sometimes even if you're perfectly ok with that life gives you the opposite.

So there I was 7 months into my new relationship and pregnant...You can never really prepared with pregnancy even if you are are the right age or with the right person. It is a mixed of a lot of emotion to be in that situation and that taught me a lot and had changed my perspective on life itself. My bf and I had been devastated when I miscarried but we took it the positive way and we're glad that we have each other through that tough times. We know that we are still blessed and that there is always a reason why things happen. well that part was hard but I know there are many other situations/problems that we have to face as we continue to live our lives together. I'm still getting used to a lot of things like sleeping with him on my side, getting up early to prepare breakfast or prepare his meals for work. There's a lot more things to get used to when you're living with someone. What's funny is we do ask each other sometimes how we are doing with this hubby/wifey thing and we'd say yes it's hard but simply I won't exchange the times and days that we are finally together with any other things in this world now. I'm not going all cheesy here, but yes I can actually say that he is that person who changed my life. And I don't mind if my life keeps on changing as long as we are together because I'm not going anywhere else.

The answer is and will always be.....YES!


In 2 weeks time all qualified voters including myself will be lining up in our respective precints to vote for our preferred candidates. I think the voting this year is extra special because of the different awareness program brought about by the different organizations to encourage the citizens from the registration and down to choosing the right candidate to vote.
We have all this tv ads, some controversial as it is, ads with celebrities and with all the dancing and singing. I have to admit may mga time na naaliw ako, may times naman na naiirita ako, may times na napapailing at may times naman din na nabibilib ako. Iba na rin ang klase ang mga kampanyahan ngaun ei multimedia na rin, dati ang mga candidates puro posters, jingle at bahay bahay lang, ngaun lumelevel up na din. It is amazing how they think of the different mediums to sell themselves. Even ang mga pinamimigay ngaun na goodies ng mga kandidato sumasabay na rin sa uso, nakakakatuwa lang isipin na parang only in the philippines ito. I don't know if it is such a good thing or not. Should I be proud na sa Pilipinas lang meron niyan o dapat ba ako mahiya na ganito ang Pilipinas.
This is my second time to vote, the first time was the last presidential election. I have to say that I am more involved during my first time voting kasi I am working in a tv station nun so mas aware ako sa happenings, mas meron akong inside scoop sa campaigning and all, and needless to say parang naranasan ko din slightly ang campaign kc naman sinusundan at kinukunan din namin ang mga kandidato habang naglalakad sila sa mga eskinita. Mas may personal attachment with them, mas nakilala namin sila up close and personal. This time around since my line of work is now different, it has allowed me to step back and see things from a different view, I'm more of an ordinary citizen judging this candidates kung kanino silang line-up nakasama at sa mga sabi sabi tungkol sa kanila.
I love to watch yung mga forums about the candidate but sadly either super gabi or super weekend ito na may lakad ako kaya di ko lagi napapanuod. When asked sino ba iboboto mo president? di pa rin ako makasagot ng diretso kasi until now di pa ako decided. I'd say we vote differently, yung iba boboto nia si candidate na ito kc di corrupt, yung isa iboboto si ganitong candidate dahil magaling magsalita or magaling sumagot sa mga questions sa forum. Ako I'd think more than anything I'd still vote based sa kung tingin ko may capability ba siya humawak ng pinakamataas na posisyon sa bayan. Someone who can represent us as Filipinos and can represent us to the world. It's a plus point na lang for me if he can eliminate corruption sa bayan natin and to make government offices efficient when it comes to service quality.
The main thing pa rin is to contemplate who you want to vote and vote. Go out there on the 10th and exercise your RIGHT TO VOTE! Don't say di na ako boboto kasi di naman mananalo ang kandidato ko or dadayain naman..mahalaga you know taht you have voted at kung kaya pa ei mabantayan mo din ang boto mo.
I still believe in goodness. And that in time I know that our nation can be changed, not just by having a good President or leaders but i think more so we as Filipinos should partake in this change.

the fuss with networking sites! kaloka~!

I swear I never had seen so much people having fun on the internet as much as it is nowadays. Truly we really can say this is the day and age of the world wide web. Just like the commercial with lola techie implies..yes even lolas can get really good on this networking sites. As much as we knoe how convenient it is that we have the internet now for getting a LOT of information, when I say a lot it means down to research for students..(thank God there's internet way back in college)...for shopping (there are very good finds on the internet)...good ol recipes and a lot of how to's and yes the very addictive networking sites...

I personally was hooked up during college days in chatting, yes ym baby! it was more of a past time in college during class breaks or just whatever! But I remember staying up until 2 or 3 am in my kuya's computer just chatting. It will be followed by an episode of sleeping until around before lunch the next day, and my days begins since my classes will start at around 5:30 p.m., typical day for a mass communication college student that time.

I think it was also around that time that my relationship with friendster began..member since Jan 2004 >>>that can be found on my friendster profile..grabe antagal na nun diba..5 years na pala yun..I remember dati nung college ang uso nun ay ang pagpopost sa bulletin board, may mga emo post pa kami ni jasmin..at ang pagsagot ng quiz na irerepost mo..sa tagal na rin nun nakakalap na rin ako ng 396 friends...suddenly internet has been more exciting for everyone...i graduated from college and even during my first work walang kamatayang friendster na ito...

I am in my second job already ng magpakilala sa akin ang nakakatuwang mundo ng FACEBOOK...grabe dati di masyado pansin ng iba para lang daw friendster pero ng mas naging interactive ito because of the shoutout that all of your friends can see, as in lahat ng ginagawa mo at na fe-feel mo na gusto mo isigaw why not! go! malalaman lahat ng friends mo. Plus super get together ang mga h.s. friends, college friends and former officemates, with matching posting of old pictures tapos super okrayin talaga ng everyone. But then everyone would agree na ang pinakapatok ngayon ang applications sa facebook. Farmtown, farmville, sorority life, mafia wars, restaurant city, pet society, fashion wars..at sobrang dami pa. Sa sobrang dami at super adik di ko na malaman kung anu ang gagawin at lalaruin ko, at konting TRIVIA lamang. Alam ninyo bang may caretaker pa ako ng farmville ko na nagtatanim at ng haharvest. Ang patok pa d2 kahit sino, I mean kahit sino talaga naglalaro nito unbelieveble talaga, bata, nanay, lola, kaloka! as in pero masaya! masaya talaga...at dahil diyan clap! clap! talaga para sa makers ng facebook.
Last but not the least ang TWITTER. I remember first hearing it in relation to the name of Ashton Kutcher some bet that he made with Larry King, but I don't know the details. And then second when pam emailed me to start to use twitter. Alam ko nag register pero di ko siya na explore up until i read an article in spot about local celebs using twitter. So I get curious at dahil gusto ko rin ng mga showbiz news insider, hehehe! ayun binuksan ko uli ang aking account at yun i started to explore and enjoy it. Masaya din pala mag tweet at mag follow-up ng mga tweet ng mga gusto mong peeps. So i started to influence and invite my friends to use it also. Wala lang para ma-experience din nila.

Hay kapagod ang journey sa mga networking sites, but it was really fun, bakit nga ba natin to ginagawa, bakit nga ba sumasabay ako sa ganitong mga uso? well number one because it's fun to connect, especially with your frends or classmates na di mo na nakikita tapos suddenly your connected again, it's fun to reminisce those old photos. It's fun to be a child again playing all those applications, it's makes you competitive also and I think number one it's great to be heard to share what you do, what you think and what you feel even for that single moment.